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Pathway to Stability Capital Campaign

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Pathway to Stability Capital Campaign

Let's Get Innovative in Fighting Poverty

Our pantry continues to serve as the largest food security provider in the community; we are remodeling to accommodate our numbers, to offer skills that move households out of poverty, and to be better partners in the community.

An increased storage area will make room for expanded inventory and increased diversity in food options. This presents the opportunity to create improved partnerships with grocery stores within our community and surrounding areas; therefore, increasing the economic stability of our community as a whole.

We are excited to add a teaching kitchen. Each of the six stations will have a sink, stove, crockpot, pots, pans, bakeware, and kitchen utensils. In addition to learning basic cooking skills, such as how to cook a whole chicken or prepare dry beans, families will learn how to effectively utilize the nutritious food offered at the pantry and stretch SNAP benefits through meal planning. At the end of a class, storage containers will allow participants to take home what they’ve prepared and share it with their household. Life skills taught at the pantry will improve the overall dynamics of the household by enhancing confidence in cooking healthy food at home and spending time together enjoying a meal.

Data proves households who access the pantry are able to remain stable in their current household rather than become homeless, as they have the ability to use their limited income to pay rent and utilities rather than grocery bills. For every ONE dollar we use to prevent someone from becoming homeless, we save SEVEN dollars had that person become homeless.

Because we are working hard to keep individuals and families from becoming homeless, we have increased our Prevention Program; that program currently operates out of the shelter location. To make the extensive programming work, we need more space. Additionally, the current shelter has provided housing to more than 18,000 individuals over the years. It is time for a “facelift.”

We believe if you see what we are doing, you will agree this Capital Campaign is going to be an important step in moving our neighbors out of poverty; please come for a tour.