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Donate to provide a path to stability

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Ashley and her two young daughters, ages 2 and 4, lived in an apartment which was over-run with mice, bed bugs, and lice. Their apartment was broken into almost daily; what little they had was always taken.While Ashley knew she had to remove her daughters from this toxic situation, she had no idea where to take them and assure their safety.With nowhere else to go, she brought them to the emergency shelter. They were able to take a warm bath and lay their heads on a clean pillow. Accessing the thrift store program, the family soon had possessions which they have been able to keep.

With the help of her case manager, Ashley established goals and mapped out a budget and a clear vision for their future. Just prior to exiting shelter, Ashley was able to save enough money to buy a van. The family moved into their own apartment in a new location with a fresh start in front of them. Ashley and the girls feel safe and happy to be on a path to stability.

Your gift today will ensure that families in Fremont will find the safety and security they need to gain stability.